Are You Ready For The Newest Patent Protected Approach To An Untapped Billion Dollar Commuter Market?

Your Brand Name’s Are!

The Daily Commuter Is Ready!

Not Just A Package, But A Concept With Our Humanity And Our Natural Environment In Great Consciousness.





Our Package Design’s Help You The Manufacturer To Reach Consumers & The Over 150 Million Daily Commuters With A Helping Hand.

Allow Your Product To Expand In A Fun, Impressive Premium Package!

Cereal A GO! is the packaging industries ONLY



Multi Functioning

Convenience Container

There have been a number of container’s attempting to capture this untapped market. Yet, all have fallen short of conveniently separating, dispensing and mixing food for consumers on the go. While also providing a utensil.

A Unique Ergonomic Package Design, Offering Consumer’s & Commuter’s A Familiar And Simple Container For Enjoying A Loved Meal Outside Of The Household Confines.

With Market Research & Development, Consumer Feedback And A Constant Focus On Supplying The World’s ONLY Package That Can Meet An Incredible Demand-

Cereal A GO!

A Need For a Healthy, Nutritious & Convenient Meal Is Genuinely Real For Today’s On-The-GO Society, Sculpting Tomorrow’s Meal Request’s. 

“The growing need for a wholesome breakfast (or any time meal) is boosting cereal market’s around the globe, yet the meal is stuck at the breakfast table?” -JJF


Cereal A GO! Offers Versatile Designs For Your Companies  Criteria Needs.

Both Small & Large, Reusable Or Single Use IP Design’s Are Available… We’ve Thought Of It All!  It Even Fits In Your Vehicle Cup Holder!

  • A Reusable/Resealing Design For Household Filling, Is Perfect To Fit Packaging Companies and Commuter’s Needs.
  • A Great Design For One’s Own Filling Pleasures At Home. 
  • Allows For Favorite Combination’s Of A Liquid And A Solid Food To Travel Together For Enjoyment Anywhere At Anytime.

  • Single-Use/Recyclable & Compostable IP Design’s Are Available.
  • Purchased Pre-Filled For The Consumer With Your Brand Name Food’s And Liquid’s Already Inside (i.e. Acme Milk, Acme Cereals, Cookies And Cream, Fruit & Juices, Yogurt And Granola.) The Possible Combinations Are Endless.

*Not all liquids need refrigeration for shelf stability. Adding to Cereal A GO’s versatility for brand name partnership’s of foods and market placement.

  • Point of Purchase At Convenient Store’s, In Use Of Vending Machines, At Grocery Stores, On Airlines, At School’s, In Offices, Ect… A Virtual Anywhere MealDisplaying Brand Name’s & Product Appeal.

Our IP DESIGN Portfolio is ALWAYS -Expanding!

Expand Your Brand’s Desirability & Surpass Your Competition’s Market Capabilities.

It Pays To Think Outside The Box.

“Consumers will continue to seek out new sources of convenience for a fresh meal. Coupled with innovation and affordability, this package has got all their needs in one hand!”- JJF

Your Logo Will Travel In The Mainstreams Movements.

Able To Serve America’s Favorite Cold Meal, Beyond Current Limitations.

According to Transparency Market Report, the ready-to-eat cereal industry is worth over 43.2 billion dollars. Combine this with the multi-billion dollar dairy, soy milk & almond milk liquid markets, within one package, in one hand and you have a new and exciting dimension for product profitability.

Child Friendly And Helpful For Both Elderly & Disabled

Design Is Durable, Diverse, Works Within One Hand & Is Very Intriguing.

Designed For Generations Familiar With Playing Video Games.

Joystick Like Ergonomics.

How to use:

1- Simply Remove Lid, Exposing Liquid Spout and Bowl Contents.

2- Squeeze The Liquid Filled Handle, Dispersing The Liquid Into The Bowl. 

3- Enjoy Meal With One Hand Pivoting Spoon Or Pop Off The Included Spoon For A Familiar Two Handed Bowl Of Cereal!

Cereal A GO! Was Invented By A Former US Army Paratrooper “Geronimo 1/509th,” Turned Humanitarian.

Our Future Mission Goal Is To See A Portion Of Our Packages, Donated For Airdrop As A Nutrient Rich Versatile Ready Meal, Helping To Aid In World Relief Situations.

“THINK POSITIVE” -Will Be On Every Package Sold.

These Word’s Hold Great Intention, As A Reminder For Our Daily Lives And Society.

Jesse Joseph Fairchild

Inventor, Cereal A GO!

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