Are you ready for the newest patent protected approach to an untapped billion dollar commuter market?

Welcome to the wonderful joy of Cereal A GO!

Where limitless potential is a real opportunity!  Let our package designs help you reach your consumers and the over 150 million daily American commuters with a little helping hand.

Allow your product to expand the world in a new and impressive premium package!

Cereal A GO! is the packaging industries


 Single-Handed, Ready-to-Eat,

Convenience Container.

In the past, there have been a number of containers that have attempted to capture this trillion dollar worldwide market.  Yet, all have fallen short of conveniently dispensing and mixing food for consumers on the go.

Cereal A GO! is a unique ergonomic package design, offering consumers & commuters a familiar and simple container for enjoying a known meal outside of the household.

With over ten years of market research and development, consumer feedback, and a constant focus on supplying the ONLY product that can meet an incredible market demand…

Cereal A GO! hits the spot!

The increasing need for a healthy, nutritious & convenient meal is real and molding todays meal demands.  The growing concern for a wholesome breakfast (or any time meal) is boosting cereal markets around the globe, but the meal is stuck at the breakfast table…

Until now!

Cereal A GO! offers versatile easy to use designs for your companies criteria needs-

Both Small and Large, Reusable or Single use designs are available… We’ve thought of it all!  It even fits in your cup holder!

  • – A reusable/resealing version that is dish washer safe, for household filling is perfect to fit packaging companies needs.
  • This is a great package for anyone to use at ones pleasure! It allows for their favorite combination of a liquid and a solid food to travel together, anywhere at anytime.

  • – Single-use/recyclable & compostable versions are also available for the masses. This version comes prefilled with brand name foods and liquids (i.e. Acme milk, Acme cereals, cookies and cream, fruit and juices, yogurt and granola, ramen, ect.)

*Not all liquids need refrigeration for shelf stability. Adding to cereal a go’s versatility with brand name partnerships.

  • This package itself boosts a brand name’s ability to offer visibility, engagement and fun for all at any convenient store, in the use of vending machines, at grocery stores, on airlines, ect… a virtual anywhere meal!

Our design portfolio is ALWAYS growing.

Extend your brands desirability and surpass your competition’s market capabilities.

It pays to think outside of the box.

Consumers will continue to seek out new sources of convenience for a fresh meal. Coupled with innovation and affordability, this package has got them all!

Put your logo in the mainstreams hands with a solid food next to a liquid, ready for the simplest mixing and able to go anywhere for any time use & you have a winning package!

This is a shining star opportunity, able to serve America’s favorite cold meal beyond current limitations.

Don’t be left in the dust by your competition!

According to Transparency Market Report, research shows that by 2019, the ready-to-eat cereal industry will be worth over 43.2 billion dollars. Combine this with the multi-billion dollar dairy, soy milk & almond milk liquid markets, within one package, in one hand and you have a new and exciting dimension for meals with great profitability.

Cereal A GO! is fun for children, friendly and helpful for both elderly & disabled. It’s design is durable, diverse, fits within the car cup holder, and it is intriguing… As well as thoroughly thought through!

How to use:

    • Simply remove the lid, exposing the spout and the bowl that is filled with food.
    • Squeeze the liquid filled handle, dispersing the liquid into the bowl. 
  • Enjoy your meal with one hand, or pop off the included spoon for familiar two handed delight!

Here’s a fun fact: Cereal A GO! was invented by a former Army paratrooper turned humanitarian. He is an accredited artist, a published author, a world explorer, and a passionate lover of life!

One of our future mission goals is to see a portion of our packages airdropped as a nutrient rich, versatile meal that helps to aid in world relief situations.

Thank You for your interest in my vision!

Jesse Joseph Fairchild

Inventor of Cereal A GO!

Founder and CEO of Beyond Human Limits Inc.

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-Licensing rights start at $10,000.

-10 years of market licensing with 10% royalties due .

-Rights to sublicense available.

*Please contact us for further information*

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